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Hardy annual plug plants

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Hardy annual plug plants

Hardy Annual Plug Plants 🌱

Some of you may remember that I did some videos of the cut flower beds I did at home earlier in the year. They were created using Hardy Annual plants I had grown in the autumn and planted out in the early spring. They are bigger better plants than those sown in spring and give you a head start.

I’m offering the following packages this year:
Hardy annual mix of Ammi, Nigella, Orlaya, Cornflower, and Scabious delivered at the end of October for you to overwinter at home. 20 plants for £25 inclusive of local delivery.

Or I can over winter them for you for an additional £7.00 and deliver them you in early spring to be planted - £32.00 incl local delivery

If you want an early flowering of hardy annuals then the only way to get them kick started is by using autumn sown hardy annuals - In the picture shows nigella, cornflower, ammi and orlaya. They will flower for months on end and produce lots of flowers for your kitchen table.

Order through the website - always limited amounts available 🌱🩷