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Wood Barn Flowers

Nationwide Flower Delivery

£40.00 - £60.00 Sold out
Nationwide Flower Delivery

Send British Wood Barn Flowers in the post! If you are local or sending local flowers, please head to the local delivery section

Choose between 3 sizes. All inclusive of nationwide delivery.
The Kitchen garden bouquet - £40
The Cutting Garden Bouquet - £50
The Flower Field Bouquet - £60

Each bouquet is different according to what is flowering at the time in the field. Bouquets are gift wrapped and send by Royal Mail next day delivery by 1pm - current flowers are tulips, eucalyptus and hedgerow finds

💗Please make sure that if the recipient is out there is a place that the boxed flowers can be left - flats and terraced houses with no porches are difficult to send to. 💗

Please choose from the delivery dates available